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Motorcycles in Heathsville, Virginia

  • 1981 BMW R-Series1981 BMW R-Series (1981)
    Offered for sale is this extremely early first year R80GS. The GS series of bikes has turned into the most important post-war model for BMW, and the first generation GS bikes are on fire with collectors. This is a first year example, and it is number 33 made.
    2016-11-21 04:55:17
    Heathsville, Virginia, United States
  • 1956 BMW R-Series1956 BMW R-Series (1956)
    Offered for sale is this very early BMW R50. This bike still has the early spoke pattern aluminum wheels that look more like the late plunger twin R68 / R67 / R51 models. And according to the parts book, this vin should still have them.
    2016-11-07 04:40:56
    Heathsville, Virginia, United States
  • 1960 Norton1960 Norton (1960)
    Here are a brand new set of racing brakes for your Triton or other cafe racer / racer. I bought these for a Norton Slimline project that never got built. They are brand new and still in the box.
    2016-10-31 04:48:40
    Heathsville, Virginia, United States
  • 1974 BMW R-Series1974 BMW R-Series (1974)
    Offered for sale is this nice original paint 1974 R90S. This is a later 1974 model, being built in July of 1974, and one of the last 70 bikes made for the model year.  This is a matching engine / frame / frame ID tag bike with a clear matching title, ready to transfer to the new owner. Other than the Krauser crash bars, the period large capacity oil pan, the locking gas cap & and the stainless mufflers, the bike is still in surprising original condition.
    2016-10-23 04:42:12
    Heathsville, Virginia, United States
  • 1971 Honda CB1971 Honda CB (1971)
    Offered for sale is this time capsule of a late 1970s Bay Area Chopper, and a former magazine cover bike from 1981. The bike features a Gary Little John prism tank, an Arlen Ness hardneck front frame section, and a very rare Crazy Frank rear Fender. Crazy Frank fenders alone have been known to sell for $1,000.
    2016-10-23 04:33:47
    Heathsville, Virginia, United States
  • 1969 BMW R-Series1969 BMW R-Series (1969)
    Offered for sale is this 1969 BMW R60US. This machine was found along with 3 others, stored away in a basement since the early 1980s. This particular bike was parked some time around 1978, according to the last inspection sticker.
    2016-10-09 04:41:42
    Heathsville, Virginia, United States
  • 1971 Honda CB1971 Honda CB (1971)
    Offered for sale is this time capsule of a 1970s chopper. These old Japanese period choppers have a real following, and are popular with many new collectors. Here is an old show bike that is ready to be restored to its former glory.
    2016-10-08 04:34:20
    Heathsville, Virginia, United States
  • 1984 BMW K-Series1984 BMW K-Series (1984)
    Offered for sale is this very unique piece of BMW history. This is a pre-production bike, used by BMW of North America for shows and magazine road tests, and to introduce the then new BMW K bikes, including the Vail Co dealer intro in 1984. This has all been certified by the BMW archives.  This is a matching number bike with clear title, ready to transfer into the new owners name.
    2016-06-20 04:58:52
    Heathsville, Virginia, United States
  • 1955 BMW R-Series1955 BMW R-Series (1955)
    Offered for sale is this very complete and original 1955 BMW R50 twin, ready for restoration. The early Earles fork bikes are a very special blend of the R51, R67 & R68 bikes that came before them, along with the more robust frame and fork that went with the new styling. This is a matching engine/frame/frame ID tag bike with matching title, ready to transfer into the new owners name.  This bike has virtually all the unique 1st year/early features that make it so special:         * One year only aluminum rims and hubs with early style bearing retainers         * Early rear fender with small tail light holes         * Original Eber small tail light         * O* Early front fender with no center brace         * Early plunger-style Knecht air filter         * Small battery tray         * 32/11 rear drive in un-vented case         * Small headlight brackets         * Dished headlight with early speedo In addition, the original solo seat "T" bar bracket and rear fender rack are there.
    2016-06-20 04:57:53
    Heathsville, Virginia, United States