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2011 Harley Davidson Street Glide Flhx With $1,000's In Upgrades - Painted Inner on mail.2040motos

US $18,299.00
YearYear:2011 MileageMileage:8225 ColorColor: Black

Powhatan, Virginia, US

Powhatan, Virginia, US

Harley-Davidson Touring tech info

TypeType:Touring Engine Size (cc)Engine Size (cc):1594 WarrantyWarranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty For Sale ByFor Sale By:Private Seller VINVIN:1hd1kb416bb630110

Harley-Davidson Touring description

This is an immaculate condition, beautiful looking, 2011 Harley Davidson Street Glide motorcycle which features thousands of dollars in performance and ergonomic upgrades.  This Virginia machine has only 8,225 miles ... it is the best handling Harley that I have ridden.  It handles fantastically, sounds great and really stands up and goes when you twist the throttle.  This bike shows and rides beautifully and is loaded with an impressive array of factory and add-on features.  Please see the pictures below for more details describing this beautiful bike.


This machine features Mustang rider and passenger seats with quick detach backrests that make for extremely comfortable long touring excursions enjoying the ride with your factory cruise locked-on.  It is drenched in chrome, lowered and long.  This bike runs strong because it features a 96 cubic inch power plant augmented with Screamin Eagle revolver tipped slip-ons.  The drive train also features a six-speed transmission that provides for great highway travels.  This bike has been lowered 2 inches, which really helps handling, looks and comfort ... no more standing on your toes at stop lights. 


This bike features a beautiful vivid black paint scheme, including a vivid black painted inner fairing, which contrasts beautifully with the loads of stock and aftermarket chrome around all the gauges, radio, handlebars and power plant that glistens from tire to tire.  The simplicity of this black and chrome visual is captivating.  In the bright sun the chrome glistens across the vivid black paint drawing you to get on and go.  At night, under the lights, the chrome reflects across the black drawing your eyes in, and once there, you follow the reflections across the vivid black enjoying the features of this bike like a piece of art.  Enjoy the high visibility and safety in the moonlit hours provided by the high output halogen headlight system. This machine is in great running order and has received synthetic oil since its birth.  The tires are in good shape and ready for many more maintenance free miles of riding.


This bike has a number of upgrade options in addition to the amazing list of premium features that come stock with the Street Glide.  These additional features are listed below:


·        Mustang seat with driver and passenger backrests

·        Screamin Eagle Slip-ons with revolver end caps

·        Factory cruise control

·        Beautiful painted inner fairing

·        Chrome gauge, radio, ignition and speaker bezels

·        Chrome front brake reservoir, clutch and brake brackets

·        Chrome switch caps. housings and levers

·        Chrome fairing mounted mirrors

·        Extremely comfortable Avon grips

·        Streamliner floorboards and shifter pegs

·        Full passenger floorboards with chrome Harley Davidson covers

·        360 degree adjustable highway peg mounts and Streamliner pegs

·        Chrome engine guard

·        Full floor board passenger pegs with chrome painted covers

·        High output halogen headlights - great for night riding

·        Fairing mounted oil temperature gauge


I have clear title.  I also have this motorcycle for sale locally, so I reserve the right to end this auction early if someone local would like to purchase this one of a kind, classic-looking, beautiful bike.  Please give me a call with any questions (804) 598-6601.

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Harley-Davidson Touring for Sale

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